Why choose Oree Group Contract services?

Are you facing resource constraint issues and need help but do not know if you are ready to commit to a full-time position? Contract or Contract-to-hire roles are where a candidate does not work directly for their employer but is employed by Oree Group for the duration of the employer’s needs. In other words, a candidate signs a temporary contract with an employer, and once the period on their contract is up, they are free to establish a new contract or seek employment elsewhere. Contract or Contract-to-hire employees can accept a full-time position with their employer if both parties agree they are the right fit. These roles allow employers to “try before buying,” and they have more flexibility over budgeting needs.

Types of Contract Engagements

We focus solely on Project Management which allows us to specialize our services to best fit your hiring needs


A Resource will handle a specific project, task or function for a period determined under the Corp to Corp contract.

Contract to Hire

A Hybrid between temporary employment contract and independent contractor. You will effectively borrow Oree Group's resource for a specific amount of time.

We feel that this specialist part of the process is often unrecognized for its contribution to the profitability and success of a business growth & project success.